Quicker assign multiple resources within Microsoft Intune with Policy Sets

With the October 14, 2019 Microsoft Intune update, management of Microsoft Intune has become a little easier. And with “little easier” I mean that it is now possible to assign multiple resources like applications and policies at once.

With Policy Sets you can assign applications, application protection policies (MAM), configuration-, compliance- and type restriction policies, AutoPilot profiles and enrollment status page with one single assignment. The resources itself don’t have to be assigned separately to users or devices.

This offers the possibility to create a company baseline with resources that needs to be applied to ever user of device within the organization.

You can assign resources for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10) within a single Policy Set. Below I will show you step-by-step you to create a new Policy Set. Before you start with Policy Sets, make sure that you have already created the resources you want to add to the Policy Set within Microsoft Intune.

For the following steps, login to the Microsoft Azure Portal.

Navigate to Intune and click Policy sets

Open the  Policy sets blade and click the +Create button.

Fill in a Policy set name and click Next : Application Management

Add the required Apps, App configuration policies and App protection policies and click Next: Device Management

Add the required Device configuration profiles and the Device compliacne policies and click Next: Device enrollment

Add the required Device type restrictions, Windows autopilot deployment profiles and Enrollment status pages and click Next: Assignments

Select the group you want to assign this Policy Set to, or select All Users or All Devices if that is an option with the selected resources. Click Next: Review + create

Click Create

Now your Policy Set is created and assigned.

About Robin Hobo

I am a Technology Specialist working for Microsoft with focus on the Modern Workplace. I am specialized in Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, Windows 11 and Azure AD. Also interested in mental health, NLP and personal development.

For more information, see the About Me page or my LinkedIn profile.

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