Login Techcast – Robin’s Mobility Smackdown

This week I was a guest at the Login Techcast to talk about different Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. For people who don’t know the Login Techcast; The Login Techcast, hosted by Sander Noordijk and Eric van Klaveren, is a two weekly podcast where different experts talks about the latest technology trends in the IT industry. In addition to this two weekly show, they have also once organized a live show in which several vendors join the table for an open discussion on different topics. I really love this podcast  and I feel very honored to be a guest in their show.

The podcast can be listened to via the link below (Note: podcast is in the Dutch language).

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About Robin Hobo

I am a Technology Specialist Cloud Endpoint working for Microsoft. I am specialized in Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, Windows 11 and Azure AD. Also interested in mental health, NLP and personal development.

For more information, see my LinkedIn profile.

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