Installing and Configuring Citrix Licensing Server 11.10 (Step-By-Step)

Almost every product from Citrix needs the Citrix Licensing Server. It is therefore a good start to first install the Licensing Server before you starts installing another Citrix product. Unfortunately the latest version still supports no Windows Server 2012, but it contains the valuable new feature “Microsoft Active Directory support for Windows license servers”. This means that if you’re in a domain you can add users or groups to the License Administrator Console of the Licensing Server and delegate admin rights.

The installation is pretty straight forward, so let’s start with the Step-By-Step installation…


Mark “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and press the “Next” button.


Press the “Install” button.


Press the “Finish” button.


Unless it is not possible in your environment, leave everything default en press “OK”

As I mentioned earlier, this new Citrix Licensing Server have the new feature to add users and groups to the Administrator Console. So for the configuration of the License Server I created an Active Directory group called “DEL-CitrixLicensing Admins” which i’m going to delegate administrator rights. For the configuration, open the “Licensing Administration Console”.


Go to Administration (top right) to log on with the account you used during installation.



Go to “User Configuration” and press the “New User” button.


Select “Domain Administrator Group” and fill in the respective user or group by “User Name” (don’t forget to mention the domain name!) then click Save.


To importing the license file(s), go to the “Vendor Daemon Configuration” and click on the “Import License” button.


Browse to your license file and click on the “Import License” button.


Click on “OK”


The Citrix license server must reread the license before they are active, therefore go to the “Vendor Daemon Configuration” and press the “Administer” button.


Click on the “Reread License Files” button.


Go the “Dashboard” (top right) to see your current licenses.

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