How to remove Microsoft Store for Business apps in Microsoft Intune

The Microsoft Store for Business is a powerful service to distribute and manage modern Windows 10 applications from the Windows 10 Store (both free and paid applications). You can connect the Microsoft Store for Business with Microsoft Intune to sync the applications for easy deployment via Microsoft Intune. After the application is synced to Intune you only have to assign the application to a user of group.

It is very easy to setup. However, there is not an easy “delete” button to remove applications that are no longer needed or added accidentally. In this blog I will show you step-by-step how to remove Microsoft Store for Business applications in Microsoft Intune.

By default applications like Word Mobile, Sway, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile are part of your private store once you have activated the Microsoft Store for Business. These applications will be synced to Microsoft Intune as well as you can see in the screenshot above. In this blog I will remove these applications.

Login to the Microsoft Store for Business. Click Manage and open the Order history tab. Click on the Order number of the application you want to remove from your inventory.

Click the Name of the application

Open the Private store availability tab. Make sure that the application isn’t in your private store by selecting No one.

Go back tot the Order details page, click the three dots button and select Refund.

Click Refund.

Click Ok

Repeat these steps for each application you want to remove and wait for the Complete Refund applied status.

Go to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. And navigate to; Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Microsoft Store for Business. And click Sync.

After the sync, the applications are disappeared from the Microsoft Intune console.


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  • Thanks. Is there any other way to delete apps? My order history contains only “Company Portal” installations, all other apps are lost…

  • If the application no longer shows up in the Order History, make sure to unassign it from all your users then in the product details page, you’ll have the remove product option (top right-hand side).

  • Correction: not in the product details but in the License Details section from where you can reclaim the user licenses. Once no one is assigned to the application, the Settings and Action option will display the remove product button.

  • Same situation for me as Kazimierz. I don’t see any of the “online” apps (e.g. OneNote Online) that populate my Intune Windows Apps list in the Store for Business Order History. I expect because these were added a couple years ago.
    Also getting “Cannot get order details” when selecting anything in Order History.
    Does the Private Store default Collection need to be populated for this to work? I removed all these online apps from the default collection but to no avail. Still seeing them in Windows Apps in the Intune console.

    • If you don’t see the apps in your order history it means that is to long ago after activating the Store for Business. In this case you can open a support ticket by Microsoft support, they can remove the apps for you (seen this by a few customers now).

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