How to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (Preview) and publish a Full Desktop and the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus applications – VLOG#1

In this video will cover the following steps;

1. Give Consent to your Azure AD tenant
2. Assign the TenantCreator application role the an Azure AD user
3. Create a Windows Virtual Desktop tenant
4. Create a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool for a Full Desktop
5. Create a Windows Virtual Desktop Host Pool to publish Applications
6. Create an Application group and assign applications and users to it
7. Install the Remote Desktop Client app and test the results

License requiement

Microsoft 365 (E3/A3, E5/A5, F1 and Business) or;
Windows 10 (Enterprise E3/E5 – Education A3/A5 or VDA per user)


Windows Virtual Desktop Consent Page :
Deployment URL :

PowerShell commands;

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowerShell
Import-Module -Name Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowerShell

Microsoft Office 365 FriendlyName and AppAlias overview;

Microsoft Access
AppAlias : access
FriendlyName : Access

Microsoft Excel
AppAlias : excel
FriendlyName : Excel

Microsoft OneNote 2016
AppAlias : onenote2016
FriendlyName : OneNote 2016

Microsoft Outlook
AppAlias : outlook
FriendlyName : Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint
AppAlias : powerpoint
FriendlyName : PowerPoint

Microsoft Project
AppAlias : project
FriendlyName : Project

Microsoft Publisher
AppAlias : publisher
FriendlyName : Publisher

Microsoft Visio
AppAlias : visio
FriendlyName : Visio

Microsoft Word
AppAlias : word
FriendlyName : Word

Blog with step-by-step instructions and screenshots :

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I work as a Senior Solution Architect with focus on the Modern Workspace. I am specialized in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 and Microsoft EM+S (including Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Intune).

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