How to deploy the Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Suite with Microsoft Intune in a few easy steps

Deploying a full Microsoft Office suite to end points was usually quite a challenge. The first step was always to customize the installation to make sure the correct applications, languages and latest patches were included. The second step was the challenge with the deployment itself. If you had an environment that includes a full operating System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) then you was in luck, but if you were dependent on GPO’s for application distribution you only had the option to deploy MSI files.

No matter what the satiation was in the past, it has become a lot easier these days with Microsoft Intune. With Microsoft Intune you can deploy a customized Microsoft Office 365 installation in just a few easy steps. In this blog I show you this step-by-step.

Login to the Microsoft 365 Device Management portal.

Navigate to Client apps > Apps and click the + Add button

Select the Office 365 Suite, in this case I will choose the Windows 10 version.

Click on Configure App Suite. Here you can select the Office 365 apps that you want to install on the end points. You can also select additional Office apps like Microsoft Visio Pro and Microsoft Project. Click OK.

Click on App Suite Information. On this tab you can enter a name and a description. You also can select the category/categories and whether you want this application to be featured in the Company Portal or not. Click OK.

Open the App Suite Settings tab. Here you can configure if you want a 32-bit or a 64-bit installation and the update channel. You can choose which version you want to install. The latest or a specific version. You also have the option to install different languages automatically. Therefor click the OS Languages button.

Select the Languages to want to install automatically. In this case I will select the Dutch and the English language. Click OK.


Click OK again.

Click Add

The Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus application is now added to the Microsoft Intune tenant. The final step is the assign the application to a group of users or computers. Therefor click Assignments.

Click on Add group. Select the Assignment type. For this blog I will configure Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus to be installed on every device automatically. Therefor I select Required as Assignment type. Click on Included Groups

You can publish the application for a selected group of users or devices or choose to publish this application to All Users or All Devices. In my case I set Make this app required on all devices to Yes.

Click OK twice.

Click the Save button and you are ready to go!


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  • Robin, i am installing office 365 pro plus exactly the way you have are writing in this blog. The install is assigned to be required to all devices. Unfortunately when a user has enrolled a device, Office 365 starts to installing, but a UAC screen appears (user is standard users, no admin). In the end Office installs but the UAC screen is not user friendly. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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