In this VLOG I will show you, step-by-step how to configure remote access for Work Folders with the Azure AD Application Proxy.

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In this VLOG I will cover the following topics step-by-step;

– Create an SPN for the Work Folders server
– Configure Constrained Delegation
– Create a Work Folders Proxy application
– Create a Work Folders Native application
– Test the results

Commands and URIs :

Create SPN Command : setspn -S http/workfolders.”your domain” “Work Folder server”
Redirect URI : https://168f3ee4-63fc-4723-a61a-6473f6cb515c/redir

Other URIs:

ms-appx-web://microsoft.aad.brokerplugin/”your application ID”

External Work Folders URL : https://workfolders-“you domain”

About Robin Hobo

I work as a Senior Solution Architect with focus on the Modern Workspace. I am specialized in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 and Microsoft EM+S (including Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Intune).

For my full bio, check the About Me page.

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