How to change the default Windows Virtual Desktop “SessionDesktop” name to a more friendly one with PowerShell or GUI

When you create a new Windows Virtual Desktop Host pool, a default “Desktop Application Group” (DAG) will be created for you. When you assign a user or an Azure AD Security group to this Desktop group, the user(s) will see a desktop icon appear in their Remote Desktop client with the name “SessionDesktop”. You can easily change this name to a more friendly name with PowerShell or the GUI, as I will show you in this short blog.

First, let’s take a look to my Remote Desktop client to see how it looks now, before the name changes:

As you can see, I have four Windows Virtual Desktop Host pools with a full published desktops with the name SessionDesktop.

Change the friendly name via PowerShell

To change this name, open a PowerShell prompt and run the commands below.

If you never have used PowerShell on your device before, first run the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

And then press Y

To install the Azure Az PowerShell module (required for these steps), run the following:

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber

To load the module in your PowerShell session run:

Import-Module Az

After that, login with your admin account:


Now we can change the SessionDesktop name. To do this, run the following command (replace the brackets):

Update-AzWvdDesktop -ResourceGroupName <Resource Groupname> -ApplicationGroupName <App Groupname> -Name <Application name> -FriendlyName <the name you want>

An example : In my case my resource group has the name “WVD-ManagementComponents”, the application group name is “Personal VDIs-DAG”. The friendly name I want to give to the full published desktop is “Personal VDI”, therefor I run this command:

Update-AzWvdDesktop -ResourceGroupName WVD-ManagementComponents -ApplicationGroupName "Personal VDIs-DAG" -Name "Personal VDIs-DAG" -FriendlyName "Personal VDI"

After changing all the names I want, my Remote Desktop client now looks like this:

Change the friendly name via GUI

To change the friendly name in the Windows Virtual Desktop portal, login to the Microsoft Azure Portal , and navigate to Windows Virtual Desktop > Application groups > <application DAG> 

Open the Properties blade and change the Friendly name in the desired name.

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