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How I learned to cope with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

Since the beginning of 2021 I have been less active as a blogger due to personal circumstances. And apparently people have started to notice because I get more and more questions about it, especially now that many events are physical again and we are starting to visit each other again. I’m an open book in that regard and don’t mind talking about personal topics when people ask.

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How to manage local user group membership with Microsoft Intune to make users local admin

I did several Intune projects by customers, and with almost every implementation a subset of users’ needs to have local administrator rights (for example developers). There are several ways to grant users these rights, for example via a separate Autopilot profile where you specify that users need to be local Administrator. Or via the “additional local administrators on all Azure AD joined...

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How to deploy Windows Autopatch with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Intune

Windows Autopatch is a new service from Microsoft that automates the update process of Windows (both quality updates and feature updates), Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (aka Office apps), the Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft Teams. Once the service is enabled in your tenant and devices are onboarded successful  you don’t need to worry about updates of the supported products anymore...

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How to add or remove system apps in the Android Enterprise Work Profile with Microsoft Intune

Depending on the use cases and the requirements of the company, Android Enterprise Work Profile can be a great enrollment mode for both BYOD devices and company owned devices (in fully managed mode) when using Microsoft Intune. With an Android Enterprise Work Profile, you separate private apps and data from the corporate apps and data to prevent data leakage. Depending on the manufacture and the...

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How to enable and configure Microsoft Remote Help in Microsoft Intune

Recently Microsoft made Remote Help generally available. Remote Help is an application to offer remote assistance to end users that are using Windows 10 or 11 endpoints. Remote Help is a Microsoft Endpoint Manager Premium add-on. It can be fully configurated within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. Both the IT support engineer and the end user needs to authenticate through Azure AD...

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How to update Security Baselines in Microsoft Intune to a newer version

Security Baselines in Microsoft Intune are templates that contains policy configurations that by default are configured with the best practice from the Microsoft security teams. And that makes a Security Baseline the perfect starting point when creating a new policy set for the modern workplace. When creating a Security Baseline, all settings are pre-configured with the security best-practice...

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