Citrix XenMobile Hidden Admin Pages

The Citrix XenMobile MDM Server and the Citrix XenMobile AppController have both a great web based console. With these consoles you can do almost everything to configure, manage and troubleshoot the XenMobile environment. Did I say almost? 😉 Yes, there are options / features that are not in the consoles by default. These features are available in what I call the “hidden pages”. In this blog I will show them to you…

XenMobile MDM Helper

XenMobile MDM has the “hidden” Helper admin page. This page is reachable after you logged on to the main XenMobile MDM administrator panel (for example After logging in the URL ends with /zdm/console/ now change this to /zdm/helper.jsp to open the XenMobile MDM Helper page.

On this page you have a lot of troubleshooting options like checking the XenMobile MDM Patch level, connectivity check with Apple and to download all the available log files.

XenMobile AppController “Hidden” pages

XenMobile AppController have some more “hidden” admin pages. The first two are the XenMobile AppController Admin page(s) which are reachable by changing :4443/ControlPoint for :4443/admin (for example https://appcontroller.hobo.lan:4443/admin ). This login page gives you two options;

XenMobile AppController Admin Configuration Page

The first option brings you to the “hidden” Configuration page. On this page you can configure the LDAP settings, use the SAML Troubleshooter, upload new Connectors, Build a SAML Connector and some other things.

XenMobile AppController 9 Admin Manage Users Page

The second option brings you to the “hidden” Manage Users page. Like the title of the page is saying, here you can manage the users. You can check if an account is locked or not,  check the Pending Workflows, see the Entitled Apps for this user and see to which Roles the user belongs.

On the second tab, Apps, you can browse all the Apps and when opening the Application properties you can see information like the Total Users and Roles . You also have the option the Un-Reconcile or Reconcile a user.

XenMobile Server Support Page

The last one is the XenMobile AppController Support Page. Just like the XenMobile MDM Helper page, you first need to log in to the AppController Console itself. After that, change the URL to access the Support page. Do this by adding /support after :4443/ControlPoint

This page gives you the possibility to make diagnosis, and not only for the XenMobile AppController but also for the NetScaler Gateway and the XenMobile MDM server. After adding the components (you need all the administrator credentials) you are able to generate support bundles and download to clients, perform connectivity checks and generate support bundles and upload to Citrix Insight Services (

Citrix XenMobile Hidden Pages summary

XenMobile MDM Helper : http(s)://<mdm fqdn>/zdm/helper.jsp
XenMobile AppController Admin : https://<appcontroller fqdn>:4443/admin
XenMobile AppController Server Support : https://<appcontroller fqdn>:4443/ControlPoint/support


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    Keep going, your blog is really great! Maybe you could learn something, too, by reading articles of and – most of the articles are written in english, but if you have a Special Need for it, i´ll translate single Posts for better understanding. is our Business blog (Citrix, Mobility, Networking, Storage, Wireless …), the other one is my private one (including some Apple- & Networking-stuff).

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